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The client already had a successful product in a crowded market. We had to change the game

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Liberty Play
February 2019

Liberty Play


The client already had a successful product in a crowded market. They wanted to improve their brand that would help distinguish the client and also build a solid foundation on which to introduce new products and diversify their income stream. They wanted to create a brand around their product that influencers and customers would be happy to create content around.


After conducting a strategy session we established that it was really important that any changes we made could be done in isolation from the current product and page to avoid any disruptions to the currently successful business. We also uncovered during this session that they were very successful with their ads and influencer marketing however had no real email marketing in place and wished to rectify.  With this in mind, we agreed to work on everything offline and rework the logo, packaging and the site to then be brought online when timing/stock levels were ideal. We focused on making the connection between the benefits of the product, being wireless and the implications that had for their target audience young active people. We tried to incorporate a sense of movement in the logo, design and imagery. We created imagery that we felt would give a sense of dynamic youth and a little edginess because we wanted the customers to feel cool. We also suggested adding additional color options to improve repeat purchase and sense of individualization.  We incorporated gifs and a design that gave a sense of motion whilst keeping it clean and guiding the buyer to checkout.  As the client had little in the way of email marketing we created several sequences including, welcome abandoned cart, Thank You and win back. We also created strong newsletter and Black Friday campaigns for the client. Our email works have generated $1million in sales in the Q4 2019.

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