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The client had a successful store selling magnetic lashes in France and was looking at taking this idea to English speaking markets

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Magnetic SL
March 2019

Magnetic SL


The client had a successful store selling magnetic lashes in France and was looking at taking this idea to English speaking markets, in particular, the US, with the store going well and expansion planned the client felt it was a good time to review. Through discussion, we uncovered that the client had minimal back end strategies and had not yet tapped into using influencers for his product. The good results he was generating were purely from the strength of his product and paid search. We agreed that rebranding the site at this point to improve the look and feel of the brand whilst also focusing on optimising the back end for maximum Return On Advertising (ROA).

Whilst sorting out the backend was important we felt it was equally important to properly address the front end. The client had positioned their product at the higher end of the market and wanted to position the brand as such. We created a clean dynamic design with a photoshoot to highlight the product and with a model that we felt would mirror our target market. We placed reviews prominently to build social proof and included user-generated imagery as part of the reviews to further this. As this is high niche store we wanted to make sure we guided the customer directly to purchase while supporting that decision along the way.From further discussion with the client we decided to launch the English and French stores separately as we felt this would give greater control for copy, advertising, fulfilment and reporting. We wanted a consistent look between the two stores however paid close attention to the copy to ensure it spoke to the sensibilities of each market. As identified we felt this store would do well with influencers and ambassador programs so set these up as well as arranging for the client's product to be featured with top influencers through an influencer agency partner. We also put in place our typical range of back end optimisation including full suite of email automations and retargeting strategies across platforms and devices. We created a regular newsletter for this brand as well, because we wanted to customers to try different variations of the product as well as renew their supplies. As this was a rebrand as well as building a new store we were able to experiment a little to maximise results as well as compare results to the previous store. The new brand significantly improved sales and we saw huge increases across all key metrics.

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