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A colourful product with a unique take on a timeless piece

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Marco Mare
December 2018

Marco Mare


The client created a new product that was quite new and novel. They wanted to get the right feeling for the brand and highlight the versatility and subtle luxurious vibe. As the product was an accessory the client wanted to make sure the customers understand how to use the product and what the benefits of having the product as well as purchasing multiple versions of the product. The client also wanted to build a solid foundation on which to introduce new products and diversify their income stream in the future. They wanted to create a brand around their product that influencers and customers would be happy to create content around.


Seeing as the client had a pretty good idea of how they wanted to position their product we were able to conduct a very detailed strategy session. We focused on the product the price point, how we would communicate the graphic pop and varied looks of the product. With this in mind we worked to craft a name and the logo that gave a sense of these feelings as well as packaging that helped show the quality of the product. We focused on making the connection between the benefits of the product, being able to change the product with your mood or outfit and this would encourage people to collect the products to have more to choose from to express themselves. We tried to incorporate a sense of strength and luxury and whimsy in the logo, design and imagery. We created imagery that we felt would connect with the customer.  We incorporated tutorial videos into the design to display how to wear the product and how to mix and match and we created a design that helps show the different variations in a way that is coherent and gave a sense of one complete collection. As the client was only new to influencer marketing we helped create a plan and introduced partners to facilitate the placement of influencer ads to drive sales.

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