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A new mono-product brand looking for assistance to take their product from a formula to an established brand

Live Project
Eva Brow
May 2019



The client had developed a new series of products in the wellness space and wanted to combine these under a single brand to present a unified result. They brought Brabus in from the start to help craft the brand from the ground up. We were tasked with working within the products attributes to build different packs and offerings as well as giving the brand a name, personality and coming up with packaging and design that suits the product and connects with the customers.

After conducting a strategy session we worked with the client to develop a feeling for who the brand represented and what they wanted to achieve. The client wanted the brand and product to appeal to a youthful healthy audience. With this in mind, we came up with the name to represent this personality and a logo that helps show the attributes and application of the product. We designed packaging and the site to show these clean refreshing tones and tie the desires of the customer with the results of the product. We created imagery that we felt would give a sense of further this fun refreshing feeling including animation on the site and gifs to help showcase the product options. For the site design we wanted to make things as simple as possible and guide the customer to the product as smoothly as possible with only the necessary information to support the purchase. We give the customer the choice between timed supply to make choosing simple and to enhance the idea that the product is consumable. With this product we felt that the customer is more likely to try the product then repeat purchase to either replenish. We created a instructional video to help educate the customer and show how to use the product and its affects.

Brand Identity
Design System
User Experience
User Research
Packaging Design
Marketing Strategies
App Integration
Gif Creation
Instructional Video

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